HOUSTON MARITIME INJURY LAWYER: At Patrick Daniel Law, our Houston maritime attorneys are well- equipped to handle delicate maritime injury cases that other Houston maritime law enterprises find too complex.



Houston maritime injury law, also known as nautical law, has a lot of tricks and inconsistencies. It takes an educated maritime injury attorney to be suitable to see these inconsistencies, and we find them every case that makes it to our Houston law office.

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Houston maritime workers are at a disadvantage in some maritime cases. In other maritime injury cases, they’ve some advantages in their favor. (HOUSTON MARITIME INJURY LAWYER)

But only a professed Houston maritime attorney will be suitable to figure it all out. So, whether 

Suppose you’re in Houston, Harris County, Pasadena, Baytown, or the devious cities. In that case, if you’ve been injured at the ocean and need a Houston maritime injury attorney, Patrick Daniel Law is then to help. Communicate with our Houston maritime attorneys for a free discussion.

Patrick Daniel is an icon among Houston maritime attorneys, gaining the distinction through 20 times of maritime law in Houston, Texas, and around the Gulf Coast.

Patrick Daniel has argued maritime injury cases from both sides. He has extensive experience in the way Houston maritime law cases do and work on the ocean by workers of hundreds of Houston maritime companies.

Then’s a short list of the types of Houston maritime injury cases he has handled in both Texas and away

  1. Jack-up carriage accidents
  2. Sundeck accidents
  3. Tugboat accidents
  4. Canvas platform accidents
  5. Barge accidents
  6. Marketable fishing accidents
  7. Cargo boat accidents
  8. Dockyard accidents

Still, and would like a free discussion with our Houston maritime attorneys or find out further about our Houston maritime law services; if you sustained a maritime injury in Houston analogous to the below.


Houston maritime attorney united states 2022, best Houston maritime attorney, Houston injury lawyer, best personal injury lawyers in Houston, maritime lawyer salary

Houston is much further than canvas and aerospace. A recent study showed that Houston, TX is the No. 2 megacity in the country for jobs connected to maritime through the moving of weight between U.S. anchorages. Only near New Orleans has further workers in the maritime assiduity.

Adding up the workers from all Texas anchorages puts Texas as the No. 3 state in the U.S. in weight transportation between American anchorages.

The Port of Houston includes over 200 private and public outstations, handling over 8200 oceangoing vessels and barges every time. Thousands of maritime workers call the Houston area home.

It should also come as no surprise that there are many maritime injury cases in Houston. Maritime workers injured in the ocean don’t have numerous resources as land-grounded workers. They frequently have to hire a maritime injury counsel in Houston to cover their rights and help them recover losses from their maritime injury.

Why Hire a Houston Maritime Accident Attorney

Maritime Law can be complicated and requires an intricate understanding of state and federal laws, including the Jones Act. You might be entitled to compensation if you are injured on a vessel due to someone else’s negligence.

To receive the most significant recovery available in your case, you need experience you can trust. It would be best if you had board-certified personal injury attorneys that have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients. At Fibich, LeBron, Copeland & Briggs, we understand that an unexpected accident or injury can be devastating.

In many cases, a person injured in a maritime accident may be unable to work or have lifelong injuries. Our leading Houston Maritime Accident Lawyers will fight hard to help you get the money you deserve. It would help if you never suffered because of someone else’s negligence. 

Contact A Houston Maritime Lawyer

At Richard J. Plezia & Associates, we have won verdicts and achieved confidential settlements for injured maritime workers all over the country, including the Gulf of Mexico and its coastline.

Our offshore injury lawyers have years of experience dealing with large corporate defendants and their insurance providers. 

If you or a family member has been seriously injured or killed due to an offshore accident, you should contact us for a free case evaluation. Without the advice of an experienced maritime lawyer, you may face lifelong injury complications and financial ruin.


Houston maritime attorneys are generous and know maritime law

( maritime law) outside, but the experience is crucial.

As an elite maritime injury counsel, author Patrick Daniel has litigated hundreds of maritime injury cases and has substantial reclamations for his guests.

But this process requires further than a successful courtroom attorney. Maritime work is challenging, enduring, and raw, and any Houston, Texas counsel who aspires to represent maritime workers had better know the work and the law.

That sets Patrick Daniel Law ahead of other law enterprises in Houston, Texas. He knows the work. He grew up in Louisiana and had 20 times of experience litigating maritime cases – some of it from the other side of the courtroom.


There are literally hundreds of maritime companies in Houston, and indeed though they claim to appreciate their workers and the offerings they make, you ’re only one fall on a slippery sundeck or one tumbling pallet of weight in heavy swell from discovering how important or how little they truly do care.

assume your employer will compensate you fairly and make sure your medical bills are covered, If you’re injured at ocean. Any one of a host of Houston maritime attorneys will snappily point out that the ball game changes drastically when an injury occurs.

Not only that, but the rules are different for maritime workers and land- grounded workers. Defendants in maritime law cases try to hide behind the nuances of maritime law, hoping the injured party isn’t over to speed on them.

For case, Workman’s Presentation doesn’t apply to injuries suffered while at ocean. But thanks to the civil Jones Act, maritime workers have the capability to sue their employers for compensation, and employers are held responsible to give nicely safe working conditions and to maintain their vessels so that they’re safe and seaworthy.


So, what does maritime mean, anyway? Literally, maritime respects anything connected with the ocean. This can be applied to marketable shipping and transporting or military exertion. The set of laws governing maritime exertion are known as nautical law, a term used interchangeably with maritime law.

Maritime law does differ from the Law of the Sea, which governs transnational trade, mineral rights, governance over littoral waters, covenants and relations between countries.

Nautical cases are more original in conception, involving civil suits, individualities, companies and representatives of those companies.


The quick answer to the question of when you should call a counsel after an accident at the ocean is “as soon as your boat jetties in Houston.”

If you have a cell phone/ Wi-Fi access and the honor of making particular phone calls onboard, call or communicate with an attorney as soon as possible. However, the operation can not take action against you if you use your time to call an attorney!

Suppose your boat allows workers to make particular calls. A common mistake some workers make is trying to appear to be a “platoon” player who does want to stir effects up with the trouble of an action.

Many Houston maritime workers – or former workers who can not work presently – wish they had called an attorney instantly after their accident.

Do not determine by yourself if you have a case worth filing, despite all the blogs and websites that try to advise you on a DIY courtroom strategy. Make the smart move and call an attorney.

Patrick Daniel has won so numerous nautical cases that he can generally fete a winnable case in just the first many twinkles of a free consultation. However, the legal figure will come out of the final agreement, and you’ll have no out-of-fund expenditure If Patrick Daniel Law accepts your case.

What Can Cause an Offshore Accident?

Offshore workers battle harsh weather conditions and utilize dangerous heavy equipment. There are a variety of reasons for offshore accidents, including:

  • Vessel transfer accidents
  • Bad weather
  • Diving accidents
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Distracted crews
  • Unmet safety regulations
  • Explosions
  • On-board leaks and slippery 
  • Fires and explosions
  • Crane failures
  • Boat collisions
  • Outdated vessel technology
  • Human error

Getting Help After A Maritime Injury

Do you need a maritime attorney after an offshore injury? The answer is almost always yes. If you have been injured while working in a maritime occupation, our Houston maritime attorneys will do three things for you:

  1. Keep your employer from taking advantage of you
  2. Answer your questions throughout the process
  3. Level the playing field in tough cases

Our offshore injury attorneys are knowledgeable about all facets of maritime law. Maritime law is pretty complex, and we have the answers to your questions. 

Pursuing compensation for an offshore injury can be full of roadblocks and delays, but a Houston maritime lawyer can help you receive a just and timely resolution in your case.


Once you sail out of Houston and leave the public boundaries of the United States, indeed if you ’re a U.S. citizen employed by a U.S. grounded company on a boat registered in the U.S., some laws designed for your protection no longer apply. Fortunately, other laws move into play that restore some of those protections, but in a different manner.

One similar law is the Merchant Marine Act. It’s an extensive law that includes regulations governing maritime commerce in U.S. waters between U.S. anchorages. Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act, known as the Jones Act, requires that commerce between U.S. anchorages be transported only by American- erected vessels. The Merchant Marine Act and the Jones Act are frequently used synonymously, but in actuality, the Jones Act is a part of the Merchant Marine Act.

The Jones Act also includes vittles that have oceangoing
workers’ rights at their core. Those vittles include (among numerous others)

The proprietor of the vessel must use reasonable care to maintain it for safety and seaworthiness. The proprietor can be liable if it’s planted careless and the negligence led to an injury.

Qualifying mariners (officially classified as navigators) who have suffered injuries or illness while at the ocean can recover appropriate compensation from their employers by action if necessary.

The notion of a vessel’s seaworthiness is fundamental, as it can move a case from one where the modern outgrowth would be the recovery of preliminary charges ( called conservation and cure) to one where all of the victim’s losses are recoverable.


The major vittles of the Jones Act apply to a particular class of worker called a shipman. It’s a legal recognition that is significant to the process of filing injury claims. But there’s no list description of a shipman anywhere in the Jones Act or the Merchant Marine Act.

There’s precedent, still, and maritime attorneys for both sides have to sort through once cases to determine if the complainant qualifies as a shipman.

Being employed by one of Houston’s numerous shipping companies and spending time out on the ocean working that job isn’t enough to qualify as a shipman.

Houston maritime attorney united states 2022, best Houston maritime attorney, Houston injury lawyer, best personal injury lawyers in Houston, maritime lawyer salary.

Instead of a legal description, utmost maritime attorneys and judges generally agree on the following description. However, the description has experienced a language transformation over time and is still subject to modification.

That’s nice and tidy, and refinement of further clumsy delineations that anteceded it, but the Jones Act sets progress back a bit, averring that to qualify as a shipman, a worker must spend at least 30 percent of their time onboard, out at the ocean. It’s a point upon which the opposing sides in a nautical case can argue for hours. Without an over-arching description to go by; still, it frequently becomes a stumbling block to the process.


Workers who do n’s satisfy the terms for the description of a shipman can still recover damages from the Longshore and Harbor Workers ‘Compensation Act (LWHCA). This civil law allows the injured party to recover losses for medical charges, lost stipend, recoveries. due to an injury, as well as survivor benefits if the injury causes the worker’s death.

This covers wharf workers, boat builders and harbor construction workers who were injured in the levee area of the harbor. The vittles of the LWHCA differ from standard Workman’s Presentation laws and generally give for slightly better compensation. (HOUSTON MARITIME INJURY LAWYER)


Without the safety net of Workman’s Presentation, maritime workers frequently have to calculate the vittles of the Jones Act for compensation. 

In many ways, maritime workers have a better system at their disposal, which is why reaching a maritime injury counsel is of utmost significance when an injury has passed.

With the vittles of the Jones Act to calculate upon, maritime workers can file negligence suits that go beyond the standard conservation and cure for certain types of injuries. 

They can admit a more substantial agreement when they file a negligence suit and only have to prove that the employer’s negligence contributed to the injury in some way. 

In other words, negligence does not have to be the entire reason for the injury. It can play a tiny part in being applicable.

Were You Injured in a Houston Maritime Accident?

Maritime law, called admiralty law, refers to the specific rules, regulations, and codes governing navigation and water commerce. The Port of Houston is one of the busiest seaports in the country, leading the United States in exports.

The Port says, “More than 200 million short tons of international cargo were handled in 2018 alone.” Accidents and injuries on the waters near Houston or the shipping channel are generally governed under maritime law.

Whether a maritime worker or a passenger injured on a cruise ship, you need to consult with an experienced Houston maritime accident lawyer

Maritime law is nuanced, with several state, federal and international laws governing damages that a person can recover. 

Our knowledgeable legal team can help you understand your rights and provide you with the legal counsel you need to get the maximum recovery on your case.

Employers contend maritime workers must admit the essential pitfalls of working aboard an ocean-going vessel. However, that does not vindicate the employer or boat proprietor of liability when the commodity goes wrong.

Employers are anticipated to make and maintain the boat to decode, make repairs as demanded and give a safe work terrain. “Reasonable care” must be exercised, and they must prevision implicit for mishaps and take way to exclude them.

Negligence isn’t limited to the way the boat is maintained. Occasionally, opinions that put workers at unreasonable threat must be held responsible.

Taking workers to perform tasks in unsafe ocean conditions, antedate safety procedures, performing tasks for which they’ve not been trained, or transgressing from accepted practices regarding ocean-going weight are just many exemplifications of conduct that can be considered careless. (HOUSTON MARITIME INJURY LAWYER)

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