Speech On Female Foeticide [1,2,3 Minutes]

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Speech On Female Foeticide

Speech On Female Foeticide

Hello, everyone!

I want to talk about a very important issue – something called female foeticide. But before I start, I want to wish you all a good day and say thank you for giving me this chance to talk to you.

Our society has both men and women, and they all should have the same rights. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. Many girls and women are not given their basic rights, and some are even not allowed to live.

In some places, especially in places where men are in charge, a really bad thing happens called female foeticide. This means that some families decide to end the life of a baby girl before she is even born. There is also something called female infanticide, which is when a baby girl is killed after she is born.

These things create an uneven balance between the number of boys and girls. This imbalance can cause other problems like human trafficking, lots more cases of rape, a man having many wives, and not treating women with respect. This is not how we should treat each other.

These things often happen because of old traditions like the dowry system and money problems. In some places, when a girl gets married, her family is supposed to give lots of expensive gifts and money to the family of the boy she is marrying. This puts a lot of pressure on the girl’s family and makes them afraid.

Some people also think that a son will take care of the family and carry on the family name, while a daughter will belong to another family after she gets married. These ideas have made people want to have sons more than daughters.

But we must remember that female foeticide and infanticide are crimes. People who do these things can be put in jail and have to pay money as a punishment.

To sum up, girls are just as important as boys in our society. They are our mothers, sisters, and life partners. We all need to work together to protect their rights and their lives.

Thank you for listening.

3-Minute Speech on Female Foeticide

Good morning, everyone!

I’m here to talk about a troubling issue – female foeticide. But before I begin, I want to wish you all a good day and express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to speak on this important topic.

It pains me to say that sometimes, humans can be quite selfish. They exploit not only the natural world but also their own kind. In this case, I’m referring to the alarming practices of female foeticide and female infanticide, especially prevalent in some parts of the world.

Female foeticide is when people decide to find out if an unborn baby is a girl, and if it is, they choose to end the pregnancy. Female infanticide, on the other hand, is when a baby girl is killed after she is born. Both of these acts are against the law and considered as very bad things to do.

Recent data from two surveys in India, one in 2001 and another in 2011, showed that there are fewer girls than boys. In simple terms, this means that for every 1000 boys, there were only 918 girls in 2011, compared to 933 girls in 2001. This is really worrying because it shows that these terrible things are still happening. You might be wondering why people do these awful things, and there are reasons behind it.

One important reason is that some people in certain communities prefer boys over girls. They believe that boys are more valuable, while girls are not as important. Boys are seen as someone who can make money, work hard, and carry on the family name. This kind of thinking makes people value boys more than girls.

Another reason is the dowry system. In some societies, when a girl gets married, her family has to give a lot of expensive gifts and money to the groom’s family. This puts a heavy financial burden on the girl’s family. Sometimes, they have to borrow money that they will have to pay back for a long time. In extreme cases, they might even have to sell their property.

The dowry system is a terrible thing that still exists today. It not only takes away the rights of girls, but in some really sad situations, it takes away their lives too. Getting rid of the dowry system is an important step in stopping female foeticide and infanticide.

To sum it up, these actions are not just against the law; they are also against people’s basic rights. Boys and girls should be treated equally. Both have the potential to make positive contributions to society. It’s our responsibility to change this way of thinking and make sure that every child is welcomed into the world, no matter if they are a boy or a girl.

Thank you for listening to what I wanted to say.

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Short Speech On Female Foeticide

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I want to talk about a very serious issue – female foeticide. This is when some families decide not to allow a baby girl to be born. It’s a terrible practice that we must stop.

In some places, people think it’s better to have boys than girls. They believe boys can take care of the family, while girls are seen as a burden. This way of thinking is not fair or right.

To deal with this problem, we need to change our beliefs and treat boys and girls equally. Girls have the same rights as boys, and they can grow up to do great things.

Let’s work together to stop female foeticide and give every child, whether a girl or a boy, a chance to live and fulfill their potential. Thank you.

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