Nazirpur Postal Code | Nazirpur Zip Code | নাজিরপুর Zip Code

Nazirpur Postal Code: Today We will Know About Nazirpur Postal Zip Code. Many times we need this zip code for a different purpose. So Let,s Know.

Nazirpur Postal Zip code

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More About Nazirpur

Nazirpur is an upazila of Pirojpur (পিরোজপুর) District in the Division of Barisal, Bangladesh. It is located at 22.7461°N 89.9678°E. There are 2 post offices here. These are Nazirpur and Sriramkathi. The postal codes of these areas are 8540 and 8541.

In a total area of 233.65 square kilometers and 31,862 households, 166014 people live here. There are 9 union parishads. These are subdivided by 171 villages and 68 mauzas, The Nazirpur municipality has 75 mahallas and 9 wards. There are also some favorite colleges here.

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