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Speech On Dowry System 1 minute

Dear Principal, teachers, and friends, good morning to all of you. Today, I want to talk about something important – the dowry system.

The dowry system is a tradition where the bride’s family gives money and other things to the groom’s family during the wedding. Even though it is against the law, it still happens in India. It is a big problem that causes many issues.

Dowry problems lead to crimes where the bride and her family are pressured, hurt, threatened, and even harassed. Many brides even feel so hopeless that they take their own lives. We need to take stronger steps to end the dowry system and protect the bride’s rights.

To sum up, we need to work together to stop the dowry system! Thank you for listening to me.

3 minute speech on dowry system

Today, I want to talk about the practice of giving money and property to the groom’s family during a marriage, which is called dowry. This has been happening in India for a long time. The purpose of dowry was originally to honor both families and ensure that the groom could take care of his new wife. However, the meaning of dowry has changed over time.

In some cases, dowry has become like a business transaction. If the groom’s family doesn’t receive enough money or property, the marriage can be quickly ended. Unfortunately, dowry has become a burden for many families, especially in countries like India.

Dowry continues to impact the lives of girls, even if they have achieved success on their own. Some parents might even harm or kill their daughters to avoid paying dowry. This is not fair to the girls, and it’s a problem in society.

We all need to work together to end this harmful tradition and protect the futures of our daughters. The important thing to remember is that traditions should never impose unfair burdens on girls, and parents should be able to support their daughters’ happiness without any pressure. Thank you.

5 minute speech on dowry system

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I want to talk about something that affects many families and communities around the world – the dowry system. It’s a tradition that has been around for a long time in different cultures.

The dowry system is when, during a wedding, the bride’s family gives money, property, or gifts to the groom’s family. At first, it might seem like a nice gesture to welcome a new family member, but it can cause many problems.

Firstly, the dowry system can put a lot of financial pressure on the bride’s family. They’re expected to give valuable gifts to the groom’s family, which can be too expensive for them. This can lead to debt and poverty in the bride’s family.

Secondly, the dowry system can create a bad balance of power in the marriage. Sometimes, the groom’s family demands even more gifts after the wedding. If the bride’s family can’t give what they want, it can lead to fights and even violence.

Moreover, the dowry system supports unfair treatment of women. It suggests that a bride is a burden or an expense that her family has to pay for through the dowry. This is not right and can harm a woman’s self-esteem and dignity.

It’s important to know that in many countries, the dowry system is against the law. However, these laws are not always enforced well, so the dowry system continues in some places.

The consequences of the dowry system are serious. It can cause money problems, fights between families, and even terrible things like violence or suicides. These issues not only affect the people involved but also hurt society as a whole.

To stop the dowry system, we all need to work together. Families should focus on love and understanding during weddings, and not on expensive gifts. Education is also important in changing what people believe about dowries. We should teach our children to treat everyone equally and with respect, no matter their gender.

Governments and groups should enforce the laws against dowries and tell people about the harmful effects of this tradition.

In conclusion, the dowry system is a big problem that affects many people. It makes families poor, supports unfair treatment of women, and can lead to terrible situations. We must all work together to change what people believe, enforce the laws, and create a society where love, respect, and equality matter more than money. Thank you.

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