Speech On Cleanliness

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Speech On Cleanliness

Speech On Cleanliness

Today, we know how many diseases are transmitted merely because of improper hygiene. Especially during the covid pandemic, we realised the importance of Cleanliness and hygiene. By sustaining proper hygiene, not only do you protect yourself, but others also get protection.

Hello and welcome to all the people present here. Before I proceed ahead with my speech on Cleanliness, I would like to wish you a good day. Also, thank you for giving me this valuable opportunity.

There are numerous advantages of maintaining Cleanliness. First of all, it protects us from many types of diseases. If we get safeguards against infections, it benefits us by saving our money and the most expensive time that could be wasted in the hospital. Also, it enhances our personality and makes us decent citizens.

Further, We can achieve our goals in a shorter time if we have a healthy body and strong brain. As a bonus, if we all maintain Cleanliness on personal and environmental levels, one day, our mother earth will look like never before.

Cleanliness is one of those lessons that we need to learn and educate others. We should learn to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean from a very young age. We can practice personal hygiene in which we must take a bath daily, brush our teeth, take nail cuts, wash our hands often, etc.

To sum it up, Cleanliness is as vital as breathing oxygen and fresh water. If everyone gives his full best, the whole earth will be transformed.

Thank you for listening to my speech. I hope you like it.

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3 Minutes Speech on Cleanliness for Students

Greetings to All of you gathered here. I warmly welcome you. I am here to deliver a speech on Cleanliness. But before beginning my address, I want to thank you all for giving me this great opportunity.

The covid pandemic has taught us the significance of personal hygiene and Cleanliness. The one who maintained hygiene escaped the virus. It means god helped those who maintained Cleanliness. For this, I want to say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

When you keep yourself hygienic, you protect yourself, and others also get protection. Cleanliness is a broad term that includes your body, mind, soul, & environment. Keep all these things clean to experience the peak of living life.

To sum it up, Cleanliness is one factor that fetches you a healthy life. It refers to the habit of being clean. It is a great habit that can improve the quality of one’sone’s life.

Thank you again. I hope you like my words.

4 Minutes Speech on Cleanliness [500 Word]

Good morning to the respected Principal, sir, madam and dear colleagues. I … studying in class … standard would like to speech on Cleanliness at this event. Cleanliness is a good habit; it keeps us physically, mentally, socially and intellectually happy. Cleanliness indeed begins at home. The sign of Cleanliness is a well-managed place, whether it is a home, working place, school, college, government or private building, hotel, restaurant, airport, railways station, etc. Cleanliness should be high, which is possible if everyone shows their effort. It is not the act of one person. It needs regular support and proper understanding from the end of each person.

Cleanliness attracts positive energies towards it, and it can impress anyone. Cleanliness levels are generally high in developed countries because of the good citizens, strict government rules, high education level and proper understanding of the people. A person with good habits can change the environment of a home; however, a country with good citizens can change its future as well as the climate of the whole planet. In order to show our real potential all through the world, we must maintain Cleanliness all across the country. It is the only thing which can earn respect because ample land, power, and rich natural resources do not matter in the lack of Cleanliness.

The maintenance of Cleanliness in any country depends on the country’scountry’s education level, poverty, and population. The most important factor is education, as good education can reduce poverty and relieve overpopulation. If the country’scountry’s citizens are educated, they can maintain Cleanliness throughout the country. They can pass on good habits to the next generation also. India’sIndia’s government has run several cleanliness drives; however, they only get a little success because of the high illiteracy. The most recent cleanliness drive, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, run by the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, is quite successful.

It is a sombre topic, and we must maintain Cleanliness in our country, which can be better started from our homes if we really want development in India. We must understand that our country is our home, and no problem will be there. As a citizen of the country, we all are responsible for cleaning any dirty place we see. We should keep our roads, tourist places, historical places, schools, colleges, office buildings, etc., very neat and clean.

Thank You!

5 Minutes Speech on Cleanliness [600 Word]

Good morning to the Excellencies, Principal sir, sir, madam and my dear friends. At this event, I would like to give a speech on Cleanliness. I am very thankful to my class teacher for selecting me to give a lecture on Cleanliness at this event. It is a serious topic and needs a high level of social awareness. People in developed countries (Western Europe and North America) never depend on the authorities sweeping as they never dirt their roads or surrounding areas. They do it themselves daily. We, too, must take such practical steps to clean our country. We should not wait for any authority sweeper. They will pick up the broom and clean our surrounding areas and roads.

First, we should not make public places dirty; if it happens, we have to clean them as only we are responsible. This responsibility needs to be understood by every Indian citizen. We need to change our mentality, as only this can keep India clean. Many cleaning resources and measures can only be adequate enough to keep India clean once we change our minds that the whole country is like our home and we need to keep it clean. It is our property, not others. We must understand that a country is like a home in which various family members live in a joint family.

Things inside the home are our own property, and we never make them dirty and spoil. In the same way, we must believe that everything outside the house is also our own property, and we should never make them dirty and keep them clean. We can change the drastic situation of our country through collective ownership. Instead of infrastructure improvements, effective plants for waste treatment from industries, agriculture, and other fields, laws and rules by the government, etc.; we need to think and consider our responsibility using our mind and effort. It is not the government’sgovernment’s responsibility only; it is the collective responsibility of each and every Indian citizen.

Indeed, we can only clean part of the country in a day or year. However, it will be our big hand if we stop making filthy public places in India. It is our responsibility to control ourselves and others who are making India’sIndia’s public property dirty. As we generally see in our family, every member has some particular responsibility (someone for sweeping, cleaning, bringing vegetables, outside work, etc.), and they have to do that time in any way. Just like that, if all the Indians take responsibility (for Cleanliness and preventing from getting dirty) for small spaces in the surrounding areas, I think that the day is not so far when we will see Cleanliness everywhere throughout the country.

Before starting any cleanliness drive, we have to ensure that we have a clean mind first. Cleanliness is necessary to get a good impression on others; it is essential for a healthy mind, body, spirit, and environment. As we care for our bodies to be clean, we must also care for our country.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (or Clean India Mission) is a clean India drive run by the Government of India to cover around 4,041 statutory cities and towns of India to clean the roads and streets and make the better infrastructure of the country. We should respect and follow this national campaign and support it through every possible effort.

Thank You.

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