Best Speech On Corruption

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Best Speech On Corruption

Best Speech On Corruption

Good evening everyone! Thanks for participating in this occasion and taking the time to participate.

My discussion for this evening is on the cancer of ‘Corruption’ that has made our life sick. Corruption is an illegal behaviour on the measurement of authority or influential party through illegal, depraved, or irreconcilable means with moral values. However, this word is simple to define but hard to take out from any country. Corruption is the most significant action that makes the country’s image weak and negative.

Corruption may include many activities, including bribery and embezzlement of funds. Sin has impacted the Indian economy and Government so much that there are no easy solutions for eradicating it. If the citizens of a country are corrupted, it eventually adds to the loss of values of a nation. We don’t realize that what we do, in the end, becomes a part of where we live and around whom we live.

Corrupt people always tend to hide behind the fake face of truth and honesty. Corruption is often referred to as the bureaucratic-political-police nexus that eats into the vitals of democracy.

Corruption starts mainly at the higher levels and carries its way to the deficient levels too. The heights of Corruption have reached a great extent where there are no proper laws to bring these corrupt people to justice. Because of the highly unethical people who would do anything for money, it has become challenging for the commoner or the righteous to survive.

The level of Corruption can be as low as bribing traffic police officers for not wearing a helmet to the extreme level when private contractors bribe government individuals to get the tender of public work or to get the job done. Today, Corruption is one of the most significant factors hindering development and stifling the realization of democracy. Corruption affects the growth of a nation adversely.

We all should understand that Corruption is acting as an obstacle in the way of the country’s progress. Each one of us should be cautious of the acts that we perform. We take it lightly to give Rs 100-200 to the Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI) just for our preferable seat allocation, but deep down, that person has made it a habit to procure money from everybody.

Thank you for being a part of this conversation. In conclusion to my session, the corrupt is not only the one who receives illegal money but also the one who provides bribes. I hope that you will refrain from bribing anyone and controlling others from now onwards. We see things as small deeds, but these small deeds, in the end, add up to create awareness against Corruption.

Thank you!! Have a great day, and keep sharing this message of making our country’s Corruption accessible.

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Long Speech on Corruption 300 Words in English

Good Morning respectful Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

Today’s topic for this Assembly meeting is ‘Corruption.’ A poison that ruins the value of individuals and the country.

My perspective as to what Corruption means is that it is an act performed deliberately that reduces the authenticity and quality of the nation. People explain Corruption as a straightforward statement: ‘I had some urgency and had to get this thing done quickly. But my dear friends, this simple statement is so damaging that it directly affects the country’s image and stature worldwide.

We as individuals should understand that even though giving money for getting our work done helps us in quick execution, deep within, it is deteriorating the quality of our life. It builds a bad image of the country and leads to a lowering of our country’s ratings. It does not seem to be a big deed that we pay an extra amount or, what I may say, a bribe to some people for taking advantage of them. But, believe me, that deep down, it kills the ethical traits or values of the people.

This inherited value reduction is not only for the person taking the bribe but also for the person who gives it. Corruption is the hurdle between the country’s and an individual’s authentic prosperity and development. It affects the growth and development of the nation in all aspects, including socially, economically, and politically.

Corruption is also the unfair use of public power for some private advantage by breaking all or a few of the rules and regulations made by the Government. One common form of Corruption in our country is receiving black money in cash. Even during elections, it has been observed that we see much news on raids being done here at some ministers’ premises, and then on the other day, so much cash is found in this minister’s wardrobe. Haven’t we?

Yes, we have all forms of Corruption. Many political leaders say we wish to eradicate Corruption, but I haven’t seen substantial efforts coming for this cause. To control crime, we have to work on the root cause. This Corruption is deep inside the roots of our country, and eradicating this is a tremendous activity or a project that requires complete dedication with purity at heart.

Strict actions should be documented in policies and necessarily implemented on those who practice Corruption for their greed.

Thank you, everyone, for being a part of this Assembly session. I am glad that we chose this important topic as our discussion point. Please make it a habit to stop Corruption exactly there itself. We should not be selfish and think about our convenience. I hope you all will help me and our nation control this ugly corruption act.

Thank You! Have a great Day! We have to end Corruption!

Long Speech on Corruption 600 Words in English

Corruption Speech is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Good morning to my co-workers and everyone here; today, I will address one of the significant social issues, i.e., Corruption.

Corruption refers to a form of crime or dishonesty. It refers to an individual or a group doing evil. This act, most importantly, violates certain people’s rights and privileges. Corruption involves mainly actions such as bribes or maltreatment. Corrosion can occur in other ways, in any case. 

Corruption is a representation of dishonest and selfish acts. All despise the term corruption. We are all dreaming of a corruption-free world. Since time immemorial, in one form or another, Corruption in India has prevailed. The link between bureaucrats, politicians, and criminals is responsible for Corruption in India. Bribes were given in the previous days because things were wrong, but fixes are compensated now for the right things in society. Social Corruption, like the mix-weighing of goods, adulteration of foodstuffs, and different kinds of bribery, have predominated in culture continuously.

In the current situation, if a person wants a public sector job, he has to pay the higher officials substantial amounts regardless of meeting all qualifying criteria. A candidate must either give money to the concerned employee or arrange for specific sources to get his job done in almost all offices. In the civil supplies department, there is the adulteration of food and fake measurement of products by unempathetic employees. They cheat the customers by playing with the health and welfare of their fellow citizens. The officers always exploit people in the property tax evaluation and charge money, even if the house is adequately constructed according to government rules and regulations.

Political Corruption in our country is the worst of all. The most significant reason for concern is that Corruption dehumanizes the governing body and degrades the fundamental value of the law that regulates society. Today, politics are only aimed at criminals and outlaws who end up in politics. Elections have become tied to various criminal and draconian activities in many parts of the country. Calling electors to cast votes on a particular candidate or physically blocking voters from accessing the polling stations frequently occurs in different parts of the world, particularly in weaker sections of society, such as the Tribal, Dalits, the depressed and rural women.

Corruption remains a significant problem in the largest democracy in the world and represents a substantial risk to industries. India slipped further down the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) rankings for 2019, an annual assessment by Transparency International that ranks 180 countries and territories worldwide on perceived public sector corruption. The most significant sources of Corruption in India are entitlement programmes and social spending schemes enacted by the Indian Government.

Indeed, a corruption-free India is possible if we want to clean up the system by starting at our level. Concrete and robust actions are required to curb the threat, and an environment needs to be built where decent, democratic ideas are put forward to represent the nation sincerely and genuinely for the sake of the country’s people.

Let us do our best to keep India free of Corruption, and one day we will certainly see a “Corruption Free India”, which we all dream of.

Thank you.

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