Speech On Women Empowerment | short speech on women empowerment

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Speech On Women Empowerment

Speech On Women Empowerment

Good morning to all the Excellencies and my friends; as we all gathered here to celebrate this event, I would like to give a speech on the topic of women’s empowerment in India. Empowering women in India is essential to bring gender equality, or we can say that gender equality is critical to empower women. Our country is still a developing country, and the economic status of our country could be better because it is a male-dominated country.

Men (which means half power of the country) are walking alone, and they force women to do only household work. They do not know that women are half the power of this country and, combined with males, can form a complete control of the country. The day when the full force of the country would start working, no other country would be more potent than India. Men are not know how powerful Indian women are.

It is essential for all Indian men to understand the power of women and let them go ahead to make themselves independent and control the family and country. Gender equality is the first step to bringing women empowerment in India. Men should not understand that women are made only to handle household chores or take responsibility for home and family. Instead, both (men and women) are responsible for everything in their daily routines. Men, too, need to understand their duty of home and family and all other works women do so that women can get some time to think about themselves and their careers.

There are so many laws for empowering women; however, none are effective and followed by people. There should be some practical and tight laws which can be followed by everyone. It is not the responsibility of our government only; it is the responsibility of each and every Indian. Every Indian needs to change their mind towards women and strictly follow all the rules made for women’s empowerment.

An only rule can do nothing, and it needs to understand the theme of laws, why rules are made, why women’s empowerment is so necessary for our country and other questions. It needs to think positively, and it needs to change the way we think about women. Women need to be given complete freedom; it is their birth rights. Women, too, need to change their mindset that they are weak; anybody can cheat them or use them. Instead, they need to think that they have the same power as men and can do anything better than men.

They can be physically powerful also by learning yoga, martial arts, kung fu, karate, etc., as their safety measures. Women’s empowerment is a vital tool for advancing development in the country. It also would help in reducing poverty by improving health and productivity within families and communities as well as providing a better chance to the next generation. There are many social issues making women backwards in India, such as gender-based violence, reproductive health inequities, economic discrimination, harmful traditional practices, and other pervasive and persistent forms of inequality.

Women have been bearing enormous hardship since ancient times in India. During and after humanitarian emergencies, especially armed conflicts. There are many private and government organizations and institutions supporting women’s empowerment, promoting policy-making, promoting gender-sensitive data collection, improving women’s health awareness and expanding their independence in life. Despite such support and human rights, women are still dependent, poor, unhealthy and illiterate. We need to think about the reasons behind it and solve them all on an immediate basis.

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Women Empowerment Speech 3 Minutes [250 words]

First of all, I would like to say good morning to all my teachers and friends. I want to say thank you to my class teacher for giving me this opportunity to speak in front of you on this significant occasion. I want to give a speech on women’s empowerment in India. As we gathered here to celebrate this occasion, I chose this topic to raise again this issue of gender inequality in front of you. The government and other private institutions are supporting women in leadership positions in the public sector.

The leadership of women in the public sector is the key to the development of the nation. Representing women in the public sector is only a matter of justice; however, it needs to bring forward all the perspectives to make women’s empowerment effective. Women and men both have unique and different experiences, so both are essential to bringing influence into the decision-making process. Equalizing the rights of women and men in society improves work quality and, thus, the economic status of the nation.

Women’s empowerment is the key to strengthening their participation in decision-making which is the essential key to socio-economic development. According to the data of research, it has been noted that empowering women acts as a potential which accelerates economic growth and continued development. We should discuss how our cultural, traditional and social rules affect women’s leadership so that we all may break that. There is social, cultural and home pressure on women, which acts as the central issue of gender equality. There are lots of anxiety over women’s parents and society, and they are forced to be the primary caregiver and caretakers of all family members. Such pressure in the community and home lowers the career ambitions of women more than men.

According to the research, it has been found during the discussion with women at higher positions that they cannot share and discuss their roles or work at home with family members or husbands. They feel uncomfortable sharing their feelings with them about their senior leadership position. According to the survey of the top 50 women leaders throughout Asia, there are three main challenges to the rise of women in leadership in Asia “Constraints of Family Life”, “Organizational Policies and Practices that Favour Men over Women”, and “Cultural Barriers”.

Women’s leadership is restricted by the various social, cultural and political norms which need to be understood and addressed. First of all, we need to address all the social inequalities hindering women’s advancement in order to change women’s situation in society as well as the nation. I want to encourage my colleagues and friends gathered here to discuss this issue in their families and community to explore all the barriers restricting women’s advancement in order to enhance women’s leadership in every area, like men’s. Men, too, with women, need to engage in all social and cultural norms to encourage combined participation as well as create an equitable environment in 

home, office and community.

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Women Empowerment Speech 5 Minutes

Good morning to all the respected personalities and my dear friends. I want to raise the issue of women’s empowerment through my speech in front of you as well as reach the message to a big crowd here about the actual condition of women in Indian society. As we all know that without women (our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends, wives, etc.), we cannot perform our daily routine. Women in the home are only responsible for preparing our food, washing our clothes, and other activities. It is a big question why only women, why not men, are accountable for the same.

Why are we (men) not responsible for preparing our food or washing our clothes or other works of daily routine? Why are only women given pressure in the family or society to get up early in the morning, do all the household chores, keep fast and do puja for the wellness and prosperity of the whole family? It is a matter of laugh that they are promoted for household responsibilities from childhood; however, they are demoted to do outside work and leadership like men. Why?

We have all the answers to each, and every question however do not want to think about and discuss them because men want to dominate always over women in all areas, excluding household responsibilities. My dear friends, as youth and the future of the country, we (the new generation of the country) should decide our own bright future by meeting our hand to hand with women in all aspects of life. What happened to date happened, but now it is the time to awake up because we all have already become so late and will be late forever if we sleep now ever for a little moment.

My dear friends, as we read in our history that women have faced many social challenges from ancient times, and they are forced to be in limit by their families and society. People think that women are a source of investing money and weakening the economic status of the family; however, they do not believe that women are half power and can be in full force by meeting with men.

Women, too, need to empower themselves by being strong from the heart and thinking from the mind. The way the daily face challenges of life, they should also face the social and family difficulties restricting their empowerment and advancement. They need to learn how to embrace their life with all challenges every day. Poor performance on women empowerment in our country is because of gender inequality. According to the statistics, it has been seen that the sex ratio in many parts of government has dropped and become only 850 females per 1000 males.

According to the Global Human Development Report of 2013, our country has ranked number 132 among 148 countries all over the world for the gender inequality index. Women belong to the schedule, scheduled tribes and minorities face high-level exploitation, discrimination, and limited employment opportunities than women of higher caste. Both gender equality and women empowerment are vital strategies to bring transformational change in order to achieve development and the increased economic status of the nation.

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