Speech On Online Classes

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Speech On Online Classes

Speech On Online Classes

Welcome, and good morning, honourable principal respected teachers and loved friends. Today, I am here to deliver a speech on Online Classes. Before starting my speech, I want to thank you all for having your holy presence.

If we compare the current world with a thousand-year past world, What difference do you see? We have constantly developed ourselves and the world in this previous time. All these changes are the results of education. Education is a weapon to enhance one’s life. It is reasonably the most powerful tool to improve one’s life.

Education is the reason behind the development of technologies and advancements. One such technology is impacting education, either. This is called Online Education or E-learning. The classes delivered through this technology are called online classes.

This new method of teaching and learning works as a bridge between a teacher and a learner. This new methodology is quite interactive, interesting and fruitful for real learners. Online classes involve the use of the internet and compatible devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

Online classes or E-learning has uncountable benefits. First of all, Online classes permit you to study in the convenience of your home. You don’t need to rush to a specific location. Even you can execute classes during travelling or out of the station.

Second, You can learn from different mentors and teachers who belong to different places or institutions. A school or institution is bound to have a specific number of teachers, but online education has no such kind of limitations.

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Third, Online classes give you an opportunity to save a valuable asset- Time. You can use this saved time in other activities. This way, you can make yourself more productive.

Apart from these benefits, online education has also its harmful sides. Online Education is a challenge for those who come from financially weaker sections because it requires some latest devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. and an internet connection.

Online education can also affect your vision as we need to sit near a screen for long hours. Further, Online classes may also hinder the physical development of a person.

Despite Online classes offering us many benefits, their negative sides must not be avoided. We need to use our intellect so that we can take out the maximum benefits of online classes.

This is all that I wanted to say about online Classes. Thank you!

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